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Obtaining the Extensions and More Information

I briefly covered several extensions this month. Here's where you can download the extensions and find more information about them.

Win32::API. The Win32::API extension comes with most builds of ActivePerl's Win32 Perl. You can download ActivePerl from ActiveState Tool ( You can also use the Perl Package Manager (PPM) to download and install this extension. Run the PPM Perl script by typing

ppm install win32-api

at the command line.

For information about the Win32::API functions I discuss this month, check out the Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) Web site ( In addition, I cover these functions in my book Win32 Perl Programming: The Standard Extensions (New Riders Publishing/Macmillan Technical Publishing, 1999).

Win32::API::Prototype. You can find the Win32::API::Prototype extension in the Code Library on the Windows Scripting Solutions Web site ( You can also use PPM to automatically download and install the extension from my Web site. Type

ppm install location=

at the command line.

Some versions of PPM have problems installing many extensions and modules such as Win32::API::Prototype. If you have problems, create the directory \perl\site\lib\win32\api, then copy the file into this directory.

Win32::GUI and Win32::Console. You can download the Win32::GUI and Win32::Console extensions from Dada's Perl Lab (i.e., Aldo Calpini's Web site—

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