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For More ADSI Information

You can use the following information to become well versed in Microsoft Active Directory Service Interfaces (ADSI). I've ranked the references in order of technical detail.

ADSI References
Support WebCast: Managing Microsoft Internet Information Server Using ADSI 2.5 ( esks/webcasts/wc072000/wcblurb072000.asp)—This WebCast is a good introduction to ADSI and what it can do. Microsoft's WebCasts are generally excellent, free, and informative.

Hands-on ADSI
"Working with ADSI - Part I: Understanding the IIsComputer Administration Object" ( adsi1.asp)

"Working with ADSI - Part II: Understanding the IIsWebService and IIsFTPService Administration Objects" (

"Using ADSI, NT Groups and IIS Authentication" (http://www

Microsoft's ADSI page ( howitworks/activedirectory/adsilinks.asp) —This page contains links, references, the latest version of ADSI, and more.

ADSI start page on Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) ( url=/library/psdk/adsi/adsistartpage_7wrp.htm&rld=407)—This site includes references and a tutorial.

Books About ADSI
Steven Hahn, ADSI ASP Programmer's Reference, Wrox Press, 1998 ( 186100169x)

Simon Robinson, Professional ADSI Programming, Wrox Press, 1999 ( 1861002262)

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