Microsoft BUILD Goes on Tour

Microsoft BUILD Goes on Tour

Microsoft BUILD kicks off and runs from April 29 to May 1 this year. I'll be there, providing onsite coverage and reporting. If you're there, too, look me up and maybe we'll catch a run or two together in sunny San Francisco between keynotes and sessions.

BUILD 2015 sold out in less than an hour this year, proving again just how popular Microsoft's developer conference truly is. And, with good reason. Microsoft is exciting again, promising to deliver a stack of new technologies just this year alone. Windows 10 itself is still in development and should release sometime this summer. Windows 10 is important, as it represents a mighty move by the software giant to finally streamline the Windows codebase so that it works across its many devices including PCs, smartphones, tablets, and Xbox.

And, this makes the information provided at BUILD 2015 that much more important. Microsoft will dig into the deep end for Windows 10, teaching developers the ins-and-outs of the new operating system and how to correctly interact with the new code. But, it's just as important to Microsoft that developers learn about Windows 10, as it is for developers.

So, for those that couldn't catch a ticket to the conference, Microsoft is planning to take BUILD on a road trip. Today the company has announced that 23 roadshow events have been scheduled across the globe with sessions delivered by many of the same BUILD 2015 speakers. These are single day events designed to deliver key announcements, but also go deep into Windows 10 development.

The sign up page is already live. You can go register here: BUILD Tour

Here's the current schedule:

  • London, England (May 18)

  • New York, USA (May 18)

  • Atlanta, USA (May 20)

  • Sao Paulo, Brazil (May 21)

  • Berlin, Germany (May 22)

  • Mexico City, Mexico (May 27)

  • Singapore, Singapore (May 28)

  • Austin, USA (May 29)

  • Auckland, New Zealand (May 30)

  • Sydney, Australia (Jun 1)

  • Seoul, Korea (Jun 1)

  • Paris, France (Jun 1)

  • Shanghai, China (Jun 3)

  • Amsterdam, Netherlands (Jun 3)

  • Beijing, China (Jun 5)

  • Prague, Czech Republic (Jun 5)

  • Mumbai, India (Jun 8)

  • Bangalore, India (Jun 10)

  • Milan, Italy (Jun 10)

  • Chicago, USA (Jun 10)

  • Johannesburg, South Africa (Jun 12)

  • Toronto, Canada (Jun 12)

  • Los Angeles, USA (Jun 15)

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