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Satya Nadella keynote Microsoft Build 2019 Microsoft
CEO Satya Nadella delivering the keynote address at last year's Microsoft Build event.

Microsoft Build 2020 Registration is Now Open

On May 19th and 20th, Microsoft will host thousands of developers online at the virtual edition of Microsoft Build 2020. The in-person event was cancelled due to COVID-19.

As more of the big in-person events arrive on the calendar, the reality of living with COVID-19 is setting in for most everyone. For Microsoft devs, that means a virtual version of Microsoft Build 2020 this year. Microsoft is planning to focus on skills developers might use to ensure business continuity during the COVID-19 pandemic. Registration opened this week for the virtual event, so potential attendees can receive notifications about keynotes, sessions, learning opportunities and plan their virtual schedule.

Microsoft Build 2020 was one of the first large-scale conferences to announce its plans to cancel its in-person event, then move the entire event to a virtual presentation.

What can Microsoft devs expect when they log-in for the virtual version of Microsoft Build 2020?

There will be keynote segments from senior leadership of the company including:

  • CEO Satya Nadella
  • Microsoft Chief Technical Officer and Executive Vice President AI & Research Kevin Scott
  • Executive Vice President for Microsoft Cloud and AI Scott Guthrie
  • Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Azure Julia White
  • Executive Vice President Experiences and Devices, Rajesh Jha
  • Partner Program Manager Scott Hanselman

To accommodate the global audience, these key segments of the event will be re-broadcast to fit into different time zones for attendees to allow for convenient viewing.

Microsoft devs looking to learn about the latest developer tools and concepts will have access to a full schedule of programming, sessions and digital content at no cost. This in-depth content will also be available on-demand for post Microsoft Build 2020 consumption.

One of the best parts of Microsoft Build each year is the expansive expo show floor with every Microsoft product team represented in various booths. Those opportunities to talk face to face with software engineers and program managers are an invaluable aspect of Build. Since this year’s event is virtual, those interactions are being accommodated by Microsoft experts participating in interactive Q&A sessions. Microsoft will also be offering content for student coders alongside the sessions for Microsoft devs.

Build 2020 participants can expect to hear news about Windows 10X, dual-screened devices and plenty of Azure cloud-based services to help developers and their companies adapt to the new normal around COVID-19. In addition, the virtual format will allow Microsoft to really focus in on Microsoft devs since all the in-person external distractions will be minimized.

While nothing can replace the networking that happens at a user conference, COVID-19 is going to affect live events for an indeterminant time, so why not make the shift to virtual events? From what it looks like, Microsoft is going to offer a lot of solid content at zero cost to everyone. That means no jet lag, lost bags or trying to take notes while balanced on a rickety chair, because participants get to watch remotely from the comfort of their homes.

Microsoft Build 2020 registration is already available on Microsoft’s Build website – and keep an eye on our lists of events that have gone virtual in 2020 across the technical and open source communities.

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