Microsoft acquires Xamarin Microsoft

Microsoft acquires Xamarin

Microsoft has another piece of big news to talk about at BUILD: The company has announced the acquisition of Xamarin, a key player in the multiplatform app development world.

"Microsoft has had a longstanding partnership with Xamarin, and have jointly built Xamarin integration into Visual Studio, Microsoft Azure, Office 365 and our Enterprise Mobility Suite to provide developers with an end-to-end workflow for native, secure apps across platforms," wrote Scott Guthrie, Microsoft executive vice president of the cloud and enterprise group. "With today’s acquisition announcement we will be taking this work much further to make our world class developer tools and services even better with deeper integration and enable seamless mobile app dev experiences."

For Xamarin founder Miguel de Icaza, who also started starting GNOME and Mono, the deal brings his career somewhat full circle: de Icaza applied to Microsoft to work on Internet Explorer, but was rejected due to lack of a formal degree required for a H-1B visa.


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