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Meet the Community: The Quest Guys

Throughout August I'll highlight another one of the best resources the PowerShell community has to offer. Take some time this summer to expand your horizons, learn a new PowerShell technique, and further your mastery of the shell! This series will be entitled "Meet the Community," and I encourage you to get involved. It's a great way to learn in bite-sized chunks, get un-stuck, and make new connections in the broader world of PowerShell.

Two blogs for you to check out this week: Kirk Munro and Dmitry Sotnikov. Both guys are Quest employees, and both are deeply involved with that company's PowerGUI product (both the free and pro versions). Their blogs are full of ripe PowerShell fruit. Kirk in particular deals with PowerShell as a scripter on an almost daily basis, and runs across more gotchas and techniques than anyone else I know.

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