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Meet The Community: PoshComm.org

Throughout August I'll highlight another one of the best resources the PowerShell community has to offer. Take some time this summer to expand your horizons, learn a new PowerShell technique, and further your mastery of the shell! This series will be entitled "Meet the Community," and I encourage you to get involved. It's a great way to learn in bite-sized chunks, get un-stuck, and make new connections in the broader world of PowerShell.

My last "Meet the Community" post this month is for PowerShellCommunity.org, or PoshComm.org as it's fondly known (both URLs work). 

I actually founded this site back when I was with SAPIEN Technologies; it was intended to be an independent community, backed by financial support from several corporate sponsors. The site is now run by a board that includes several of my fellow PowerShell MVPs, and it remains independent, without ties to any one company or organization.

It's main feature is its Q&A discussion forums, where I encourage you to post your PowerShell questions. While you're at it, see if you can't "give back" a little by answering a question or two yourself. 

Of course, this month's "Meet the Community" posts are far from a comprehensive list of available resources - they're just some of my personal favorites. Punch "powershell blog" into your favorite search engine to turn up tons more options, and use the sites I've highlighted to help you find more. You'll find more of my personal favorites at ShellHub, too.

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