Learn more about the Cortana Intelligence Suite in one day Microsoft Virtual Academy Workshop

Learn more about the Cortana Intelligence Suite in one day Microsoft Virtual Academy Workshop

Machine Learning and Big Data are huge buzz words these days but there is also some real concrete purpose behind analyzing large data sets and using it to improve our own interactions with technology.

Microsoft is putting these large amounts of data into the hands of developers through the companies Cortana Intelligence Suite and developers can build their own solutions to take advantage of the analytics and data that is available to predict instead of reacting to situations.

Next week, on 06 December 2016, the Microsoft Virtual Academy will host a free full day session with Microsoft experts to teach developers how they can access this data and put it together for their own apps and services.

"The “Cortana Intelligence Suite End to End” session will be taught by Microsoft Architects Todd Kitta and Jin Cho, and promises a hands-on day with the platform. During the workshop, you’ll learn how to architect solutions in the Suite and weave intelligence into your apps. We’ll look at the “What” and “Why” of CIS in an overview keynote and then explore key platform components such as Azure ML, Azure Data Factory, HDInsight Spark and Power BI, as we build the app. The instructors will talk about the Open Source capabilities of the Suite, walk you through an ML model, show you how to set up an Azure Data Factory pipeline, and much more."

You can go ahead and register for the course now and then make sure you have an active Microsoft Azure subscription (or a trial will work) so that you can follow along with the instructors throughout the day.

Here is what will be covered during the course:

  • Analytics State of the Union + Cortana Intelligence Suite overview keynote.
  • Building a Machine Learning Model and Operationalizing.
  • Setting up Azure Data Factory.
  • Developing a Data Factory Pipeline for Data Movement.
  • Operationalizing Machine Learning Scoring with Azure Machine Learning and Data Factory.
  • Summarizing Data Using HDInsight Spark.
  • Visualizing Spark Data in Power BI.
  • Deploying an Intelligent Web App.
  • Wrap-up and Cleanup of Azure Resources.

While you wait for the class you can check out other details about the course and see the bios of each instructor.

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