JSI Tip 9298. You cannot Copy/Paste information between the local and remote computer using Remote Desktop?

When you are connect using Remote Desktop Connection, the Paste command may be unavailable, or you receive:

Windows Remote Desktop Client

Cannot copy file: Cannot read from the source file or disk.

Macintosh Remote Desktop Client

The local computer is low on memory. Close some programs, and then connect to the remote computer again.

This behavior may occur if drive redirection is not enabled on the Remote Desktop client, or on the Windows NT 4.0 Terminal Services computer or on the Windows 2000 Terminal Services server computer.

To workaround this behavior if you are connecting to a Windows XP Remote Desktop host computer, or a Windows Server 2003 Remote Desktop host computer, enable drive redirection on the Remote Desktop client computer.

NOTE: See How do I use the Drive Share (Drmapsrv.exe) utility to share and connect to local drives from a Windows 2000 Terminal Services client session?

NOTE: See Windows 2000 Resource Kit hotfixes.

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