JSI Tip 6184. You periodically receive a desktop pop-up window inviting you to visit an adult Web site?

In addition to the subject annoyance, the text in these pop-up windows may not be in English. You may also be prompted to download a phone dialer program.

NOTE: If you inspect your URL history, it contains http://voyour-cams.xww.de.

Your computer has the W32.DSS.Trojan program installed.

NOTE: It is likely that you opened an e-mail attachment named Openme.exe to cause the installation of the W32.DSS.Trojan program.

To remove this Trojan:


02. Press the Task Manager button.

03. Select the Processes tab.

04. Right-click the Openme.exe process and press End Process. Press Yes when you are prompted to confirm.

05. Exit the Task Manager.

06. Start / Search / Files and Folders (or similar) and search your hard drives for Openme.exe.

07. Right click the Openme.exe file(s) and press Delete. If prompted, press Yes to confirm the deletion.

08. Use the Registry Editor to navigate to:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon.

09. Double-click the Shell Value Name.

10. Remove any reference to Openme.exe, leaving the reference to Explorer.exe (or your custom shell).

11. Press OK.

12. Exit the Registry Editor.

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