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JSI Tip 4473. Guest and restricted users Can delete Items on the All Users desktop after a Windows XP upgrade?

If you experience the subject behavior, you are probably still using the FAT or FAT32 file system!

Convert to NTFS:

1. Open a CMD prompt and type:

CONVERT <driveletter:> /FS:NTFS

2. You may receive:

   Convert cannot gain exclusive access to the <driveletter:>, so it cannot convert it now.
   Would you like to schedule it to be converted the next time the system restarts (Y/N)?

   This message can occur when:

   - The <driveletter:> contains your system files.

   - An application or process has a file open on the <driveletter:>.

   - The current directory is on the <driveletter:>.

   Respond Yes.

Q237399 - Default NTFS Permissions Not Applied to Converted Boot Partition.

Tip 0320 » How much free space do I need to convert to NTFS?

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