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JSI Tip 3980. How do I use the 'Show Desktop' feature in Windows 2000?

The Show Desktop feature minimizes or restores all your open programs and makes it easy to view your desktop.

When you press the Show Desktop icon on the Quicklaunch toolbar, Windows 2000 toggles between minimizing all open programs or restoring all minimized programs.

NOTE: If you are running in full-screen mode, first press the Windows key or CTRL+ESC.

NOTE: You can Press the Windows Key + D to toggle Show Desktop.

NOTE: Programs may be restored in reverse order.

Note: If your Show Desktop icon is missing, see tip 2892 » How do I re-create the Show Desktop icon on my Quick Launch toolbar?

Note: See tip 3105 » When you use 'Show Desktop' to minimize all open windows, launching a new program restores some windows?

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