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JSI Tip 3235. How do I enable Active Desktop in Windows NT 4.0 if I already have IE 5.x installed?

The classic answer I have always seen is:

1. Uninstall IE 5.x.

2. Install IE 4.x.

3. Configure Active Desktop.

4. Install IE 5.x.

Here is a better way:

1. Run IE 5.0 setup, ie5setup.exe.

2. When the license dialog appears, locate the iesetup.cif file in a sub-folder of the %TEMP% folder.

3. Use Notepad to open iesetup.cif.

4. For each occurence of UIVISIBLE=0, change it to UIVISIBLE=1.

5. Save the file.

6. Accept the license agreement.

7. Choose Custom Install. You will see Windows Desktop Update in the list of selectable components.

NOTE: You may have to use Add/Remove Programs to Repair Internet Explorer.

NOTE: See Tip 0654 to remove Active Desktop.

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