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JSI Tip 2049. How do I hide the 'Active Desktop' item on the Windows NT 4.0 'Settings' menu?

When you install IE5, an Active Desktop item is added to the Settings menu.

To hide the Active Desktop menu, navigate to:


Add a new Value Name of NoSetActiveDesktop.

Microsoft has conflicting statements as to the Data Type, but I would try a type REG_SZ first.

Set the data value to 1 to hide the Active Desktop menu. A data value of 0 will show it.

NOTE: If this doesn't work, after a restart, set the Data Type to a REG_DWORD.

NOTE: A visitor reports that navigating to:


and setting the HideIcons value name, a type REG_DWORD, to 0 (False), worked.

See tip 1241 for IE4.01 /SPx.

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