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JSI Tip 1241. Still more on "Locking down the desktop".

In tip 0050 and its' links, we discussed Explorer and System settings for locking down the desktop.

Here are a few more Value Names that work if IE 4.01, SP1 Active Desktop or greater is installed. All are type REG_DWORD values. A data value of 0 is off and a data value of 1 is on. Use regedt32 to navigate to:


NoDesktopUpdate      - Prevents placing new shortcuts on the desktop?

NoFolderOptions       - Removes the Folder Options menu item from the Settings menu.

NoFavoritesMenu      - Removes the Favorites folder from the Start menu.

NoRecentDocsMenu - Removes the Documents command from the Start menu.

NoSetActiveDesktop - Remove the Active Desktop item from the Settings menu.

I refuse to install Active Desktop, so I can't test these entries.

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