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JSI Tip 0896. Have you tried the new Desktop Tips?.

0896 » Have you tried the new Desktop Tips? 07-Dec-98

Our new Desktop Tips Engine is fast, and fully functional, up to 7 times faster than the previous engine.

New functionality includes:

0. Private tips - undocumented elsewhere - are available in the Subscribers folder.

1. In addition to page printing, you can print a page and all pages it links to. You could print the TIP0800 index and tips 0800 - 0896 with a single command.

2. You can print a page and a list of linked pages.

3. You can COPY text to the clipboard.

4. You can easily alter font size.

5. You can perform a full site search on Titles or All Text.

6. You can refine the search by applying new criteria to the list of tips selected by a prior search.

7. You can save the results of a search to a file and reload these hyper links, even in a new session.

8. The engine maintains session history, so you can easily go to any tip you previously visitied.

9. New functionality will be added as it becomes available.

  You can download the evaluation, but only tips 0000 - 0099 are accessable without a license.

Desktop Tips help (from the bottom of the Desktop Home Page).

.   File
       Page Setup Standard dialogue.
       Print See ToolBar - Print
       Close Holding CTRL+C will forget your password.
.   Edit
       Copy Standard Copy of selected text (CTRL+C)
       Select All Select the entire page
       Find Standard find on page (CTRL+F)
.   View
       Options DO NOT USE
       Other choices Standard (See ToolBar)
.   GO
       All choices See ToolBar
.   Favorites
       All choices DO NOT USE
       Back Standard.
       Forward Standard.
       Stop Standard.
       Refresh Standard.
       Home Standard.
       Mail Standard.
       Font Standard.
       Print Standard +
            Print all linked
On the Home Page - Prints all tip titles.
On a folder page - Prints all tips titles in the folder and all tip text.
On a tip - Don't.
            Print table
            of links
Prints the page and a list of links.

            Key a word
            or phrase
Select Titles or All Text from the dropdown list. Press the Search icon.
Press a search result to go to the tip.
Checking Only in current results allows you to refine the search (boolean AND).
            Save a search Press the Diskette icon. Key in a name and press Save.
            Reload a
Press the Open Folder icon. Select the saved file, even in a new session.

Session list - Click on a page to return.

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