I've installed MKS Source Integrity on two servers and two clients, but I can't get the software to run. On the clients, I get an error message informing me that the user accounts I created aren't licensed users. Do you know what's happening?

A. For MKS Source Integrity to recognize a user account as a licensed user, the user account must exist in both the MKS SAM database and the password.properties file, which resides in the \mksis directory. The account must have the same spelling in both locations. Also, in the MKS SAM database, make sure you select Licensed instead of the default NAG User.

MKS Source Integrity always searches the \MKSSAM directory for the MKS SAM database. If you've created the database elsewhere, you might want to delete the \MKSSAM directory's mkssam.dat file.

Often, authentication type dictates user access. Check the security.properties file, and look at the authentication type you're using. MKS Source Integrity can use several types of authentication, from clear text without encryption to encrypted passwords based on platform specifications. If you're just starting out, use clear text (i.e., mks.security.scheme.pw_clear). Later, you can experiment with other authentication types.

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