IT/Dev Connections 2015 in Pictures

IT/Dev Connections 2015 in Pictures

What a wonderful event! Onsite reviews were extremely positive and we may have pulled off the very best IT/Dev Connections event ever. Of course, I said that last year, which is an indication that we are actively improving each year. From the keynote to the closing notes, IT/Dev Connections 2015 was a bonafide success. We'll be tallying the onsite evals over the coming weeks, sending out an overall conference survey soon, start compiling the audio and video for every recording session, and begin planning for the 2016 event - which, of course, will be even better (again).

If you want an early review of IT/Dev Connections, look no further than: How IT Dev Connections 2015 stacks up against Microsoft IT Conferences

We'll have plenty more to share in the coming weeks, but want to leave you with a photo retrospect. This is a great way for attendees to keep the conference high and for non-attendees to plan to attend next year. IT/Dev Connections is an event that you really shouldn't miss. No fluff, just deep technical content.

One person said it this way...

Here's the photo retrospect.


Workshop Day

Day 1


Day 2


Day 3

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