I Want YOU!

To borrow the popular slogan in the old US Army recruitment posters, I want YOU! No, I'm not trying to build my own personal army, but rather I'm trying to build a collection of scripts and code snippets for the Windows Scripting Solutions (WSS) "Snippets to Go" and "Reader to Reader" columns.

The "Snippets to Go" and "Reader to Reader" columns are popular, so we want to devote more pages to them--which is why I need your help. To make these columns bigger and better, I need you to send me:

  • Scripts. Have you written a script that has saved you lots of time or perhaps saved the day when an emergency arose? Send it my way.
  • Reusable code snippets. That's jargon for any functions, subroutines, or other blocks of code you've created to drop into your scripts whenever you need to perform a certain operation. Think of it as "Plug and Play (PnP)" code.
  • Stories about the experiences you've had while writing your scripts. Have you discovered a helpful freeware utility? Have you come up with a unique scripting technique? Tell me about it.
  • You don't need to be a WSS subscriber to have your article published in the "Snippets to Go" or "Reader to Reader" column. And you don't need to know how to write a grammatically correct sentence. It doesn't matter how bad your English might be. (Did I hear a sigh of relief?) We have editors who can turn your words into polished prose.

    All you need to do is tell me about your script, code snippet, or scripting experience in 1000 words or less. If you're sending a script or code snippet, tell me what the code does, why you wrote it, and how to use it. If you've discovered a helpful freeware utility or developed a unique scripting technique, tell me about your experience. WSS is an "equal opportunity" publisher--we publish articles about code written in just about any scripting language, including VBScript, JScript, Perl, and T-SQL.

    You can send your article (or articles if you'd like to send more than one) to me at [email protected] Please include your full name and telephone number. If your article includes code, please include the code file. When I get your submission, I'll send it to a technical editor, who will review the article for technical accuracy and test the code (if applicable).

    If the technical editor accepts your article for publication in WSS, we'll send you a copy of the issue in which your article appears so that you can see your name in print. (Heck, we can even send you two copies in case you want to give one to Mom.) Perhaps more important, you'll also receive $100.

    Send me your articles today!

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