How to Watch the Build 2016 Keynotes Live Stream

How to Watch the Build 2016 Keynotes Live Stream

Build 2016 kicks off on March 30th with the opening keynotes. And, like all large Microsoft events these days, you can get pretty much the same content experience sitting in the comfort of your desk. Of course, you won’t feel the warm sun of San Francisco, nor will you be able to take a quick jaunt to the wharf for a run, but if you’re intent on learning – the live stream gives you probably the best seat in the house. And, considering you have to fight for a seat in sessions at conferences like Build and Ignite, it’s probably a lot safer.

We will be providing Microsoft's live stream for Build 2016 from the following portal over on Windows IT Pro:

If you’d also like to be part of the overall social community buildup for the event, check out: How to Get the Build 2016 Mobile Apps for Each Supported Platform

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