How do I use My Briefcase?

A. My Briefcase allows you to synchronize multiple copies of files and keeps track of changes such as modifications, additions and deletions.

The normal usage method is as follows:

  1. Insert a floppy disk into your computer
  2. Create a new briefcase on the disk (from Explorer select the drive, File - New - Briefcase). By default it will be called 'New Briefcase' but you can rename by selecting and pressing F2.
  3. Copy the files from your hard disk to the new briefcase
  4. You can now edit the files on the floppy to the hard disk. The files on the floppy can also be edited on other computers

To sync the folders after making any changes open the briefcase in Explorer and click the 'Update All' button or select from the briefcase menu. Any modifications will be displayed and you have the option to perform the actual update.

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If you would actually like to be able to edit the files local on different machines then you should perform the following:

  1. Insert a floppy disk
  2. Move the files you wish to keep synchronized to the floppy disk
  3. Create a briefcase on the local hard disk
  4. Copy the files from the floppy to the local briefcase
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 on the other machine

You would now edit the files locally from the briefcase folder which would be synchronized with the floppy disk. You would have two briefcases, one on each machine. To synchronize you would select Update All after selecting the briefcase on the hard disk and inserting the floppy disk with the original files on.

If two computers are connected via a network just create a briefcase on one machine which is accessible via a network share to the other and copy the files accordingly.

If you create a briefcase on a hard disk and wish to move to a floppy do NOT copy it, you must MOVE or the associations between the files will be lost.

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