How can I configure a scroll bar on my command window?

A. It is possible to increase the line buffer for the command windows above the normal 25. To change the "history" perform the following:

  • Start a command session (cmd.exe)
  • Right click on the title bar and select Properties
  • Click the Layout tab
  • In the "Screen Buffer Size" section increase the Height value
  • Click OK
  • You will be asked "Apply properties to current windows only" or "Save properties for future windows with same title". Select the later and click OK

You will now see a scroll bar on side of your command window. You would also have seen under the properties you can change the default starting location for command windows.

What the above actually does is create HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Console\E:_WINNT_System32_cmd.exe key with a value ScreenBufferSize where the first part is the buffer height in hexadecimal.

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