Getting Ready for Build - Our Coverage on DevPro

Getting Ready for Build - Our Coverage on DevPro

Hello from crisp and clear San Francisco - home of Microsoft's annual developer conference.

As a Floridian I am also very pleased to be here because there is not any indication of humidity on this side of the country!

Over this past weekend I shared with you some of the session titles that caught my eye but that was just a handful of the hundreds of breakout sessions that will be provided over the next three days.

Build will begin at 8:30 AM PDT on Day 1 (Wednesday) and Day 2 (Thursday) with big keynote addresses that are expected to focus on Windows and the Microsoft development stack respectively. Note - just click on those days to find out when things start in your local time zone.

These keynotes will be live streamed from San Francisco and you can easily watch that stream right here on our DevPro Connections Build 2016 Portal.

Immediately following the keynotes Microsoft's Channel 9 will be live streaming all day long on those days and Friday (beginning at 9 AM PDT - click here for your local time zone). They will be talking to the experts throughout those days and focusing on the technologies that were talked about in the keynotes and breakout sessions.

Of course, no coverage of any big event is complete without the social media component and we will be delivering coverage from that aspect as well.

I will be live tweeting each keynote from my @WinObs Twitter account and that will be the full stream of content, commentary and images from inside both keynotes.

If you want to follow a more curated stream of my live tweeting during those keynotes then check out the @WindowsITPro Twitter account for those keynote highlights.

Keep coming back to DevPro Connections and Windows IT Pro throughout Build 2016 for additional coverage of the details from the keynotes and other breakout sessions being presented by Microsoft.

Then, after you have gotten a taste of all the new stuff Microsoft is sending your way, be sure to check out IT Dev Connections so you can take your learning to the next level.

But, wait...there's probably more so be sure to follow me on Twitter and Google+.


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