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Free Utility Retrieves IP Addresses and Computer Names


If you're using IPv4 and you often need to obtain IP addresses for computers on your network, you'll probably find GetIPs.hta handy. For example, suppose you have a list of computer names and you need to find those computers' IP addresses. You just enter the computer names and click the Get IPs button. The computers' IP addresses then appear in the Results window. This HTML Application (HTA) can also return computers' names based on their IP addresses. You just enter the IP addresses and click the Get Names button. The computer names then appear in the Results window. If you want the Results window to include both the computer names and IP addresses, you can select the Show Source in Results check box.

The HTA's UI

You can download this HTA, which was designed for IPv4, by clicking the Download the Code Here button. This HTA is open for all to download. Thanks goes to Jim Turner for sharing this HTA with everyone!

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