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File Replication Test


I work for a large insurance company that uses a grid scheduling program called Condor to perform financial model calculations. The Condor software relies on configuration files to assign each server its role in the grid. Our grid has approximately 900 servers running Windows Server 2003 or Windows 2000 Server. The configuration files are stored on our Microsoft Dfs tree and replicate across seven servers. If any of these seven servers stop replicating properly, a grid server can miss an update that was applied to the grid environment and potentially cause the grid to malfunction. Having an up-to-date grid is crucial to the company's successful operation.

To ensure that files replicate properly, I wrote the script FRSTest.vbs, which you can down-load at InstantDoc ID 94352. This script creates a test file on one of the seven servers, then checks whether the file replicates across the Dfs tree. The script includes the following variables that you must change to fit your environment:

  • strWriteServer contains the name of the server on which the script creates the test file.
  • strPath contains the share on which the files replicate (DFSanchor-CONFIG$ in my environment).
  • strFRS contains the servers to which the files replicate.
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