Favorite Tools and Favorite Articles

Scripting tools and scripting articles are a few of my favorite things. I'm not familiar with too many scripting tools, so last month I asked you to tell me about your favorite utilities. Unfortunately, I received only one response. (Thanks Jim!) I asked for a rather short turnaround time, so I'm guessing that's why I didn't receive more.

Because I feel strongly that this information will be helpful to all scripters, I'm going to ask you again to tell me about your favorite utilities. This round, I'll give you lots of time--until December 15-- so that you can procrastinate a bit. Just send me an email ([email protected]) telling me about one or more utilities you often use in your scripting endeavors. The utilities must be freeware or shareware so that all scripters can have access to them. However, because many people already know about the various Microsoft utilities, please don't include any Microsoft tools. After I receive your list of favorite utilities, I'll enter your name in a drawing for $100. I'll announce the lucky winner of the drawing and share the list of readers' favorite tools in the January 5, 2007, issue of Scripting Central.

Although I'm not familiar with too many scripting tools, I am familiar with many excellent scripting articles. Having worked on the Windows Scripting Solutions newsletter for almost 8 years, I have a long list of favorites. I'll be narrowing that list to two articles, which I can honestly say won't be easy. In the November 3 and December 1 issues of Scripting Central, I'll tell you about those articles And provide a link to them. Maybe they'll become some of your favorite scripting articles, too.

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