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DLL Version of AutoIt Now Available


In the Reader to Reader article "AutoIt," January 2005, InstantDoc ID 44579, I discuss AutoIt, freeware that lets you write scripts that resemble Visual Basic (VB) code so that you can compile them into .exe binary format. Jonathan Bennett, the creator of AutoIt, has now developed AutoItX, a DLL version of AutoIt that you can use with Microsoft Windows Script Technologies 5.6. All you need to do is to register the DLL on the fly and unregister it when the script ends.

Listing 1 shows how to register and unregister AutoItX in VBScript code. It also shows how to use a couple of its functions: ToolTip and Sleep. The ToolTip function lets you display a tool tip. The Sleep function pauses the script so that the tool tip has time to display. The AutoItX Help file describes other available functions. You can download AutoItX from

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