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Desktop Computer - 23 Aug 2005

Desktop Computer. Dell didn't nominate itself for the Desktop Computer award but took the award anyway with write-in votes, further illustrating the popularity of Dell products. The year 2005 is the third consecutive year that Dell's OptiPlex desktops have won a Readers' Choice award. Readers mentioned both Dell's OptiPlex and Dimension desktop computer lines, but more than twice as many wrote in votes for the OptiPlex as for the Dimension. They praised OptiPlex desktops as being reasonably priced and performing well for small businesses.

OptiPlex is Dell's line of business-desktop solutions. OptiPlex desktops can be equipped with Intel Celeron D, Pentium 4, or dual-core Pentium D processors. OptiPlex desktops are available in a variety of form factors, from full towers for expandability to an ultra small chassis on the OptiPlex GX520 and OptiPlex GX620 that's only 10" × 2.5" × 9.8" for space-constrained installations.

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