Database Development Software

BMC Software's SQL-Explorer and SQL-Programmer Expert won in the Best Database Development Software category. Readers cited the products' ease of use and rich functionality.

Developers can use SQL-Explorer to diagnose and correct performance problems before putting applications into production and to identify and rectify database performance bottlenecks. The software guides users in tuning Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle objects and optimizing indexing and lets programmers test the performance impact of various scenarios.

SQL-Programmer Expert is a development environment for SQL Server, Oracle, IBM's DB2 Universal Database, and Sybase database servers. It lets developers create, manage, and test programmable objects such as stored procedures, triggers, and functions while preserving the original source code and database. The software lets developers tune performance and test object changes in a "virtual instance" before the code goes into production and provides more than 90 reports that developers can use to prepare impact analysis reports and estimate development costs for proposed database design changes.

BMC Software
Houston, Texas
SQL-Explorer starts at $1935 per Windows NT workgroup server; SQL-Programmer Expert is $995 for one concurrent user
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