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Customized Shortcuts for Locking Windows Workstations

In "Shortcut to Lock Windows XP Workstation" (InstantDoc ID 40971), Jeff Lambert explained how to press the Windows+L key combination to lock workstations running Windows Server 2003 or XP. You can set up Windows 2003, XP, Windows 2000, and Windows NT to use any key to lock the workstation by creating a shortcut. To create this shortcut, right-click an open area on the desktop, then select New, Shortcut. In the Type the location of the item text box, enter

%windir%\System32\rundll32.exe user32.dll,LockWorkStation

and click Next. Note that LockWorkStation is case sensitive. In the Type a name for this shortcut text box, enter a name for the shortcut, then click Finish.

Next, right-click the shortcut icon you just created and select Properties. On the Shortcut tab, set Shortcut key to whatever keystroke you want to use. You can use a function key or use the Windows key in combination with another key. If you want to set an icon, press the Change Icon button and select an icon. In system32\shell32.dll, you'll find a padlock icon. This icon is ideal because it's meaningful to users.

After you setup the shortcut, you can either double-click the shortcut icon or press the shortcut key or key combination to lock a workstation.

TAGS: Security
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