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CSS Best Practices, Style Guide, and Tips

CSS Best Practices, Style Guide, and Tips

Following a great IT/Dev Connections 2015 session this year (if you attended, you can download the deck now, and get the full replay soon), we’ve uncovered some more great tips and best practices that truly compliment the session.

The original session, delivered by Chris Love, focused on common bad practices and how to correct them. During his talk, Chris talked about good CSS coding styles and tips for making even the greenest web developer more productive. After applying the principles Chris outlined, developers and designers should be able to make cleaner, more effective CSS with lower long-term maintenance costs. It was an overall awesome session and truly identifies IT/Dev Connections as the top event for deep-dive content.

But, even a session as valuable as this makes you want more.

Toptal Developers has delivered some prized information that expands on that session, conveying better methods for improving CSS Performance.

Full article is here: CSS Best Practices and Tips by Toptal Developers

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