Build 2016 in Under 3 Minutes

Build 2016 in Under 3 Minutes

If you missed attending Build 2016 this year, Microsoft has put together a video compilation that is a culmination of the announcements, the communication direction, and the intent of Microsoft’s ecosystem strategy.

The video delivers pretty much everything announced and covered during the full week of the conference, and provides a solid, high-level foundation for those that need to (and want to) dig deeper. Fortunately, IT/Dev Connections 2016 kicks-off in October, providing the much deeper look, and the educational value to ensure there’s a future in developing for the Microsoft ecosystem.

Here’s Build 2016 in under 3 minutes:

Want to dig deep into the products and learn how to apply them to your development processes? IT/Dev Connections 2016 runs from October 10-13, 2016 at the ARIA Resort in Las Vegas.

To learn more about this fantastic developer’s event, visit here:

IT/Dev Connections

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