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DevExpress Offers Free Windows Phone 7 Development Webinars

Developer Express, a provider of tools and component sets for the range of .NET development platforms and IDEs (ASP.NET, Windows Forms, Silverlight, AJAX, and others), is offering a free seven-part webinar series on Windows Phone 7 development, presented by Chris Williams, an XNA MVP. The webinars will be offered live during June and July and will also be available for replay on the DevExpress Channel.

Here's the schedule of Windows Phone 7 webinars:

09-Jun-2011 - An Introduction to WP7 Development with Silverlight and XNA
16-Jun-2011- A Deeper Dive Into XNA on Windows Phone 7

23-Jun-2011 - A Deeper Dive Into Silverlight on Windows Phone 7

30-Jun-2011 - Building a Scrolling Tile Engine with XNA on Windows Phone 7

07-Jul-2011 - Building a pathfinding system using waypoints with XNA on WP7

14-Jul-2011 - Using the Push Notifications Service in your Windows Phone 7 apps or games

21-Jul-2011 - Making Money From Free Windows Phone 7 Apps with the Microsoft Ad SDK

For more information and region-specific start times, and to register for the webinars hosted by, visit


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