On Your Mark ...


By David Riggs


The Olympic Games in Athens came to a close just as we were putting this issue to bed. And much like the 4 x 400 relay team although not nearly as swift afoot the baton has been passed at asp.netPRO. From the magazine s first editor-in-chief Paul Litwin, to Elden Nelson, to most recently Jerry Coffey, this publication has always been in good hands. All three worked diligently to provide the premier information resource for the ASP.NET development community; all three contributed to the success of asp.netPRO and can be proud of their accomplishments.


It is with the same sense of pride and commitment to excellence that I now grasp the baton. Granted, I have some huge shoes to fill, especially Jerry Coffey s. But I ve learned a lot about publishing technical magazines in my 9 years at ICG. For much of that time I ve been Managing Editor. Mostly working behind the scenes I have acquired, copy edited, and shepherded a great deal of content over the years. I look forward to the challenges and rewards of this new role, and I thank Jerry for his guidance and friendship these many years. I also wish him luck at his new gig as he gets back into programming full time.


For as much as has changed at ICG, there remains always one constant, one key aspect to our success: teamwork. There is a core group of colleagues here without whom this monthly magazine, the newsletter, nor the Web site would be possible. From hardware to software, Bob Silva provides Herculean support in maintaining all our systems. Art Dugoni and Diana Nishimura bring world-class expertise to our Production department; their design and layout experience is surpassed only by their talent. Teri Bixler is the glue that holds our company together; she handles all the office management issues and makes it look easy. And were it not for the vision and determination of Mitch Koulouris and Nancy Nomellini we would not have this forum.


Which brings me to you, the reader. Indeed, you are part of our team. You are what this magazine and Web site are all about, and you are foremost in our minds as we plan our coming issues. I want to hear from you; tell me what we re doing right, tell me how we can improve. Help me shape this magazine to better serve you, and let s continue to build this community.


David Riggs is editor-in-chief of asp.netPRO and its companion e-newsletter, asp.netNOW. Reach him at mailto:[email protected].




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