WPF Viewercontrol Access for List & Label

WPF Viewercontrol Access for List & Label

combit announced that users of the Professional and Enterprise editions of their reporting component List & Label now have access to a Viewercontrol for WPF Applications. This feature is released with service pack 13.005. It can be added to the WPF Toolbox with Visual Studio 2008 RTM and contains such typical features as DependencyProperties, RoutedEvents, Commands, etc.

 Using List & Label software, developers can equip their own applications with such functions as reports, statistics, forms, lists, and labels. It takes only a few lines of code to implement the database-independent reporting component into existing applications.

 Visit the combit Web site for complete details.


combit GmbH

Price: The Standard Edition is available for 610/US$900; the Professional Edition starts at 1160/US$1,713; and the Enterprise Edition starts at 1760/US$2,600. Exchange rates may vary.

Web Site: http://www.combit.net/en


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