Where s the Beef?


By David Riggs


We re always looking for ways to improve asp.netPRO. In fact, I often solicit readers feedback on how we can improve content and enrich the user experience, whether with our monthly print magazine (asp.netPRO), our free monthly e-newsletter (asp.netNOW), or our Web site.


Over the years we ve received some great constructive criticism about content, presentation, and service. And we ve had some suggestions that don t quite mesh with our mission statement. Take for example the request for a swimsuit issue. I, for one, am all for it. However, the publisher refuses to run photos of me in a Speedo something about it being off topic and not in our best interest. Whatever.


All kidding aside, we take your comments seriously and make every attempt to address each one. From improved Web access to including code samples in C# and Visual Basic, from mail delivery issues to offering each issue as a free PDF on our Web site, we want you to be happy. Last month we beefed up asp.netPRO by adding 16 pages of content, which, I think you ll agree, is much better than seeing a full-color two-page spread of me at the pool. Sometimes less is more; sometimes not at all is even better.


Thinking back, and thinking ahead, please take a few moments to reflect on how we can better serve your needs. Many of you renew your subscriptions, so I guess I can take that as a sign that we are providing what you need. But I d rather not assume (you know the old saying ...). How can we better foster your growth as a developer? We publish technical how-to articles, product and book reviews, and opinion pieces. How does this content jibe with your everyday use? Is it too easy? Too difficult? Is the content germane to the kind of work you do? Do you get your issues in a timely manner? Is our Web site easy to navigate? Do you like the magazine covers? Is the layout easy to follow? You get the idea.


Please drop me a line; at asp.netPRO we value your perspective and opinions. Be objective. Be subjective if need be. I welcome your feedback and constructive criticism regarding every aspect of how we serve you, from content to customer service to the Web site.


I believe this kind of communication is key to fostering our growth as a teaching tool. Your feedback is invaluable in our efforts to provide the best magazine we can every month. Just remember, the swimsuit issue has already been axed.


Thanks for reading.


David Riggs is editor-in-chief of asp.netPRO and its companion e-newsletter, asp.netNOW. Reach him at mailto:[email protected].




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