Virtual Print Engine Offers Ad-Hoc Document Creation Library

Virtual Print Engine Offers Ad-Hoc Document Creation Library

IDEAL Software is shipping version 3.60 of Virtual Print Engine (VPE) for Windows, their ad-hoc document creation library. This version ships with two new .NET components, one for WinForms and one created for ASP.NET. The components allow users to create reports, documents, forms, and drawings by calling functions at run time.

 Through code, graphical objects like rich text, lines, polygons, frames, and images can be positioned freely on any page at any time. VPE supports charts, 38 barcode types, automatic word and page breaks, printer-independent WYSIWYG layout, built-in preview, and printing functions. In addition, templates can be created on-screen through point-and-click.

 The PDF export module supports advanced features of PDF, including bookmarks, compression, true-type font subsetting and embedding, linearization for fast Web view, and 128-bit encryption.


IDEAL Software GmbH

Price: See Web site.

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