Verizon Wireless touts LTE ecosystem, showcasing devices and apps

App developers have begun to explore the network’s high-speed capabilities while manufacturers push out the first LTE devices

Here comes LTE, Verizon style.

Verizon Wireless previewed 10 handsets, tablets, laptops and broadband routers supporting the high-speed mobile broadband technology this week, as well as a number of mobile apps designed to take advantage of LTE’s unique features.

On tap: the Motorola Bionic Android smartphone and Xoom tablet, plus the HTC Thunderbolt, the LG Revolution and a yet unnamed Samsung handset. Also: an LTE notebook PC and the Compaq CQ10-688nr netbook; an LTE version of Novatel’s MiFi wireless router; and another  WiFi mobile broadband router from Samsung.

According to our sister publication, Connected Planet,

Verizon CEO Dan Mead also indicated that data pricing wouldn’t change drastically for the new mobile broadband handsets. “As we come to market you’ll see pricing plans that you’re used to,” he said. For the tablets that would likely mean the same usage-based data plans VZW offers for its LTE laptop cards and 3G tablet services. For smartphones , that would mean unlimited usage. Mead, however, said VZW that its data pricing strategy isn’t necessarily set in stone, adding VZW could revisit plan pricing at a later date.

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