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Verizon builds Developer Community toolbox

Verizon builds Developer Community toolbox

From the Verizon Developer Conference in Las Vegas, the carrier today announced partnerships that will extend new tools to developers.

Companies newly contributing to the Verizon Developer Community (VDC) include:

  • Kiip, an SDK for iOS and Android that partners with brands to offer gamers "real rewards," an approach said to increase user retention and generate revenue;
  • Retailigence, an API for Web and mobile apps that pairs location-based services and information on more than 5 million apps and 65,000 store locations, for apps intended to help shoppers make informed decisions;
  • Footfeed, also with a location bent, offers a white-label check-in platform for building location-based campaigns and promotions, whether to extend coupons or drive event foot traffic.

A day earlier, Verizon introduced its redesigned, renamed mobile app store—more simply than VCast, it's now just called Verizon Apps—announced that an improved search engine, Chomp, will be launching on Android phones this fall, and introduced a new app store specifically for enterprise customers.

From the Private Applications Store for Business, enterprises will be able to set up and manage mini storefronts of their own, making it simpler for workers and third-party partners to download necessary software (CP: Verizon overhauls app store; targets enterprise smartphones). The store will work outside of corporate firewalls and cater to all devices, carriers and operating systems.

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