Universal Windows Platform Apps on the Xbox One

Universal Windows Platform Apps on the Xbox One

Windows developers who are looking for an opportunity to open their apps up to a new audience will have a chance to do that soon now that the Xbox One console can now run Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps.

When Microsoft released the Windows 10 Anniversary Update earlier this week a new channel opened into the Windows Store that devs could take advantage of to update their current apps to implement some of the new features available in the Anniversary Update.

Even desktop programs converted with Project Centennial could now be submitted for inclusion in the Windows Store.

Well there is another platform based on Windows 10 that will soon open up to windows developers - the Xbox One console.

Over on the Windows Dev Center an entire set of documentation has been made available that will help devs builds UWP apps for the console.

That document is broken down into 15 general areas:

  • Getting Started
  • What's new
  • Known issues
  • FAQ
  • Xbox One Developer Mode Activation
  • Tools
  • Set up your UWP on Xbox development environment
  • Best practices
  • System resources for UWP apps and games on Xbox One
  • Designing for Xbox and TV
  • Introduction to multi-user applications
  • Samples
  • Bringing existing games to Xbox
  • Disabling Developer Mode on Xbox One
  • UWP features that aren't yet supported on Xbox One

If you are worried about not having an Xbox One developer model it is an unnecessary concern because all retail Xbox One consoles can be setup in Developer Mode.

Microsoft has already pushed a couple of their own first party UWP apps to the Xbox One including MSN Weather, Music & TV and Groove Music. Although the control schemes are different using a controller versus a mouse and keyboard they really perform well on the larger TV screen.

I believe Microsoft is going to be very particular about what UWP apps make it onto the Xbox One so this is more than just a push to fill up the Windows Store but to bring really useful apps to the platform.

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