Telerik Reporting Introduces a New Designer

Telerik Reporting Introduces a New Designer

Telerik Reporting introduced a unique, state of the art designer, integrated in Visual Studio .NET. The new designer features a WYSIWYG graph paper surface with a report map, snap lines, zooming, and text rotation, thus offering a new level of user experience in the process of creation and styling of reports.

 The innovative designer provides an intuitive environment for designing report layouts and offers a visual representation of how the report will look when printed on paper. For more precise and easy positioning, aligning, and sizing, the new designer comes with smart snapping and alignment to grids and objects. A Fast Navigation Map shows a selected section of the screen and allows for easy navigation, while the zooming feature enables precise item layout.

 Telerik Reporting is a convenient, royalty-free solution for professional data presentation in all widely used document formats, such as PDF, XLS, HTML, RTF, Image, and others. It is available for both Web forms and Windows forms applications.



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