Telerik Announces Q2 2008 RadControls Release

Telerik Announces Q2 2008 RadControls Release

Telerik, a vendor of developer tools and user interface components for .NET, announced the Q2 2008 release of its RadControls suites for ASP.NET AJAX, Windows Forms, WPF, and Silverlight, and its .NET Reporting solution. Q2 introduces two new suites, optimizations in performance and stability across all product lines, and training resources for accelerated learning.

 In Q2, Telerik presents component suites for two new platforms: RadControls for WPF and RadControls for Silverlight 2 Beta. The key advantage of the new suites is that the controls for Silverlight and WPF are derived from the same codebase and share the same API, which is completely in line with Microsoft s approach, and ensures code reusability and decreased learning periods.

 RadControls for WPF includes a unique Windows Forms suite with WPF-like effects. The RadControls for WPF suite is engineered for fast databinding and smart use of UI and data virtualization. The controls are Expression Blend-stylable, and ship with ready-to-use themes. Furthermore, they share a common API and the same codebase with their Telerik Silverlight counterparts. For more information visit

 Telerik also introduces RadControls for Silverlight 2 Beta, a suite of 17 controls. The built-in Load On Demand mechanism allows for performance gains when working with heavy data. The controls are also fully stylable through Expression Blend. For more information visit

 Q2 Telerik also introduces two valuable training resources to accelerate everyone s learning of its products. The first resource, Telerik Trainer, is an interactive multimedia tool combining video training and hands-on coding. The other tool, Telerik TV, is an online library of videos focusing on real applications built with Telerik s development tools. For more information on Telerik Trainer visit For more on Telerik TV visit

 With Q2, RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX, the new release introduces a new RadRotator component that offers client-side control and cross-browser support. Also in the release are further enhancements in RadGrid, RadScheduler, and RadComboBox for greater performance and stability. All other controls in the ASP.NET AJAX suite feature upgrades and optimizations. For more information visit

 RadControls for WinForms bridge the learning gap between the Windows Forms and WPF technologies by incorporating such effects as animations, rotation, and transparency in the familiar and mature Windows Forms technology. The Q2 release of the suite features a new Multi-Column ComboBox and ApplicationMenu, in addition to improvements in the Carousel, Grid, Form, Menu, and Label controls, as well as significant optimizations in performance and extended support for large-scale applications. For more information visit

 Telerik Reporting Q2 2008 offers several high-level improvements that will facilitate the development of large business projects. Among the major additions to Telerik Reporting are: Barcode Item, Checkbox Item, Project Upgrade Wizard to help migrate existing projects to newer Telerik versions, updated report convertors, and support for ASP.NET AJAX. For more information visit



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