TeamViewer Releases New Version of Desktop-sharing Software

TeamViewer Releases New Version of Desktop-sharing Software

TeamViewer GmbH has updated its remote support software with the release of TeamViewer 3.5. All users of the previous version (TeamViewer 3) can update free of charge to the new version and get access to a series of new functions. For commercial use the software is available in two variants, Business and Premium; private users can generally use TeamViewer free of charge.

 With the remote maintenance solution it is now possible to also establish a VPN connection (Virtual Private Network) to a remote or remote-controlled computer. This means users can access databases on another PC using their local programs, for example. Of interest to commercial users is the new session-recording function, which allows individual sessions on the local computer to be recorded and played back later. This makes it possible for the support or maintenance sector, for example, to verify more precisely the work that has actually been carried out on the remote computer.

 Using a new integrated access control, a setting can optionally be made for each connection, specifying whether complete access to the remote computer should be established immediately, or whether initially only the screen should be transmitted. This allows customers who do not wish to give the supporter or IT administrator full control over their computer to also grant limited access to their desktop. Individual features such as file transfer can be individually disabled or enabled, depending on the user and the purpose of use.

 Because the installation of software or program updates frequently requires the operating system to be rebooted, the new version of TeamViewer now has a remote reboot function. The remote-controlled computer can be rebooted with a mouse click, if necessary. Saved presets can be exported and imported with the new version. IT administrators can equip several PCs with the same settings.

 Besides the new functions, TeamViewer 3.5 features several improvements to details and a completely overhauled symbol bar, with which many actions can be directly executed during the session.

 As remote maintenance software, TeamViewer enables the control of PCs via the Internet. The program is used by companies for support, for example, in order to maintain the company s own computers or to be able to help a customer directly on his own computer in the event of difficulties. TeamViewer also has been optimized for use under Windows Vista and offers special features for this operating system.


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Price: TeamViewer 3.5 can be downloaded from Current users of version 3 can update free of charge. The solution is available for commercial use at prices of 499 and 998 (approx. US$741 to US$1,483) in the Business and Premium versions. In addition, a Business version limited to 6 months is offered for 149 (approx. US$221). Private users can use TeamViewer free of charge.

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