Take the Cannoli


By David Riggs


Sometimes a movie is so good it just screams for a sequel (anyone see The Godfather and The Godfather: Part II?). Other times it s better to leave well enough alone (Rocky and Caddyshack come to mind).


That said, this month I m revisiting two topics from past columns. I don t present this editorial redux as a cop-out for having to come up with some snappy new material. On the contrary, these issues are important enough that I feel the need to address them again. Maybe it will be the last time; maybe not.


Happy New Year!

For many of us this is a time to reflect and make personal resolutions. Eat less. Exercise more. Floss. OK, it s a clich . But it is universally recognized as the time of year for introspection and who am I to buck the system?


At asp.netPRO, the new year affords us a chance to step back and reflect on where the magazine has been, and where it is going. We look at every aspect, from content to design (and everything in between). We take a close look at how we serve your needs, and what we can do to improve our service. In addition to our self-examination, I humbly request your input. We re here to help you navigate the ever-changing technical landscape as it relates to ASP.NET development. How are we doing? What are we doing right? What would you like to see done differently?


Your feedback notwithstanding, what will not change is our objective: to teach by example by offering real-world applications and code from some of the world s top developers.


It s Never Too Early to Plan Ahead

Whether you re charged with building a new Web storefront, coordinating an annual readers choice ballot, or organizing a tailgate party for your company s trip to a ball game, you could pay dearly if you don t have a plan (try having a cookout without plates). Believe me, it pays to plan burgers or brats? Coke or Pepsi? you have a much better chance at keeping everybody happy.


Granted, you can t please all the people all the time, but I do like to try. For instance, take our annual readers choice ballot. Every year I get suggestions for worthy ballot entries after we ve reported the results. There are always several disappointed companies out there. After all, for many vendors, these types of ballots offer a chance to validate their work and justify the long hours spent developing, testing, and marketing their products. And they get bragging rights for a year, the use of the winner s logo for promotional materials, and, and ... well, the validation is what s most coveted. And it falls to you, the readers of asp.netPRO, to show them your appreciation and recognition for a job well done.


I know, I know: The balloting won t start for a couple of months; but it seems prudent to issue a quick heads up sooner, rather than later. Let s review the criteria for entry: The product must be useful to an ASP.NET developer in a direct way, and it must be a commercial product (i.e., it cannot be freeware or open source). There s one exception to the commercial rule, and that s the category for Community Resource. Products are categorized as follows: Add-in, Charting & Graphics Tool, Chat Application, Code Editor, Communications Tool, Community Resource, Component Set, Content Management System, e-Commerce Package, E-mail Control, Forum Application, Grid, Hosting Service, IDE, Navigation Control, Online Editor, Polling Tool, Printing/Reporting Tool, Project Management/Defect Tracking, Scheduling/Calendar Tool, Security Tool, Testing/QA Tool, Training, and Utility.


Am I missing anything? Not every tool fits neatly into a category. Talk to me; offer me viable suggestions for new categories, or suggest the tools you think are too tightly, and inappropriately, wedged into our polling system.


This is your chance to plan ahead. Think about the products and services that make your ASP.NET development easier, more efficient, more profitable, maybe even more fun. This is also your chance to help shape the direction of asp.netPRO. We won t know your needs unless you tell us.


Go ahead, make me an offer I can t refuse. Thanks for reading.


David Riggs is editor-in-chief of asp.netPRO and its companion e-newsletter, asp.netNOW. Reach him at mailto:[email protected].




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