Syncfusion Announces Essential Studio v5

Syncfusion Announces Essential Studio v5

Syncfusion announced the release of Essential Studio v5. This release includes expanded support for the Office 2007 look and feel and is 100% Vista compatible. Essential Diagram has been completely rewritten, and there are many ASP.NET AJAX controls available. Essential Studio v5 includes updates and enhancements across the entire range of products, with significant updates to Essential Tools, Essential Chart, and Essential Grid.

 Essential Studio v5 expands on the Office 2007 support already offered by Syncfusion. This release includes support for the new Microsoft Office 2007 look and feel across all relevant controls, and no code is needed to switch the Docking Manager, GroupBar, Editors, and more over to the Office 2007 look and feel.

 Starting with the install, which offers integration with Vista s UAC features, all Syncfusion controls have been tested and are 100% compatible with Vista. Developers can easily recompile their applications using Essential Studio v5, readying their applications for use by Vista users.

 All Syncfusion controls work with the new ASP.NET AJAX 1.0 framework. With Syncfusion Essential Studio v5, developers can provide their users with the very latest AJAX capabilities with a minimum of effort.

 Using the new version of Syncfusion Essential Tools, developers can give both their Windows and Web applications the new Office 2007 look and feel. The improved appearance offered by the Office 2007 theme is now available across all Essential Tools controls, including Menus, Toolbar, GroupBar, Tabs, and Rich Text Editor. The newly improved Rich Text Editor in Essential Tools for ASP.NET gives end users complete access to Rich Text editing. The Rich Text Editor includes more styles, more skins, and an improved spell checker, and will give Web 2.0 applications a rich-client look and feel.

 The new AutoFormat feature in Essential Tools for ASP.NET provides a predefined set of styles that can be applied to the control with the click of a button, allowing developers building Web applications to quickly and easily take their apps beyond what users expect.

 Within Essential Tools for Windows Forms, the Ribbon control now includes a dropdown designer. Customizable Tab Groups and Microsoft Office 2007-like galleries are also available.

 Syncfusion Essential Chart v5 for ASP.NET and Windows Forms includes new chart types, including Funnel, Pyramid, and Doughnut charts. Stacking support is also available. This new release also builds on Syncfusion Essential Chart s existing AJAX support. Support for scrolling and interactive zooming also has been implemented. Displaying charts on the Web is more functional and user friendly using this feature, and interactive cursor support has also been included so the look and feel of the cursor is easily customized.

 Syncfusion Essential Grid v5 for ASP.NET offers a variety of data caching techniques that minimize traffic to a database and allow for simpler code, and provides customizable grouping options.

 Essential Grid v5 for Windows Forms includes updates to the core control and minor performance updates to the grouping engine. Additionally, Office 2003 and Office 2007 themes have been added to the grid, allowing developers to enable the latest Office 2007 look and feel with only a few lines of code.

 Essential Diagram v5 gives developers the power of Microsoft Visio-like diagramming. This version has been updated with an improved look and feel, solid performance improvements, and enhanced line routing and layout.

 Essential DocIO is also improved in this version, with the addition of new features and fixes that will both improve stability and give developers a jump in productivity. The AutoShapes preservation feature gives users the ability to preserve shapes in a template document; similarly, form fields can be preserved along with footnotes and endnotes. Users can append footnotes and endnotes in Word documents, and a GetText method is now supported so developers can get text from a template Word document. An API for creating nested tables has been added, and bookmark text can be replaced by any text that is input by a user.


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