Soft Service Releases New Version of Wireless Communication Library

Soft Service Releases New Version of Wireless Communication Library


Soft Service Company, a developer of wireless communications software, has released the new version of Wireless Communication Library (WCL, aka Bluetooth Framework), version 6.5.8. Wireless Communication Library 6.5.8 is a VCL, MFC, and .NET components library that enables software developers to add Bluetooth, IrDA, and Serial support to applications. Soft Service is promoting the updated library as a tool to help developers significantly reduce application development time.


WCL supports the majority of Bluetooth drivers (BlueSoleil, Microsoft, Toshiba, WidComm/BroadComm) as well as IrDA and Serial ports. WCL provides a complete set of components for use with Borland Delphi, Borland Developer Studio, Microsoft Visual Studio .NET, Microsoft Visual C++, and Microsoft Visual Basic 6.


Additionally, WCL includes a special component for development of Bluetooth Proximity Marketing software. This special component features Bluetooth device discovery, simultaneous data sending to multiple Bluetooth devices, and listing the files to be sent. The component also allows management of the discovered devices, so that the application can selectively ignore certain devices and send advertisements to others.


Other features in the latest version of WCL include SilentAuth, MultiAPIs and SmartDetect technologies. SilentAuth handles PIN requests from Bluetooth devices without any user actions on PC side, SmartDetect automatically finds the best way to connect a cell phone to perform data transfer, and MultiAPIs allows the use of multiple dongles on a single PC.


WCL is compatible with Windows XP and later and features cross-platform support. There are three types of licenses: Lite, Personal, and Developer. All licenses can be used for developing commercial applications and are royalty free. For more information about the licenses' features and prices and demo versions, go to


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