SmartBear Software's API Complete: API Testing & Monitoring Solution

SmartBear Software has introduced API Complete, a solution that lets developers test and monitor the quality of their APIs and Web Services. The solution includes three SmartBear Software solutions, including: the company's API testing tool, soapUI; load-testing tool, loadUI; and web performance and monitoring solution, AlertSite.

The solution utilizes test scripts and validation assets to help development, IT operations, and e-commerce teams ensure that APIs are thoroughly tested before deployment. Once APIs are in production, the solution conducts functional and load testing to identify and resolve problems early on. In addition, API Complete provides continuous monitoring and regression testing following deployment to ensure the quality of service and availability of users' APIs.

SmartBear Software's API Complete
SmartBear Software's API Complete 

"The speed and availability of Web Services are a crucial component of the larger end-user experience delivered by Web applications but, until today, development and operations teams had to use disparate toolsets for testing and monitoring. Now, API Complete provides a unified DevOps approach to quality for cloud or mobile applications," said Ian McLeod, executive vice president and chief product officer at SmartBear.

API Complete is available immediately. Visit SmartBear Software's product page for more information on API Complete.

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