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Simply Visual Basic 2005, Second Edition



Simply Visual Basic 2005, Second Edition

I was reminded of old school days when I scanned through Simply Visual Basic 2005, Second Edition, another interesting book written by Dr. Harvey M. Deitel and Paul J. Deitel of Deitel & Associates, Inc. This is because the pages of the book look similar to a school textbook; the content is presented in colorful pages with lots of illustrations and review questions. Unlike traditional books, Simply Visual Basic 2005 explores the language with the help of several projects in the form of tutorials. The book doesn t teach you the fundamentals of Visual Basic 2005, but instead examines all the concepts in the form of projects. With the help of the projects discussed in the book, you ll be able to kick start your development skills by either tweaking the discussed applications or developing a new project from scratch.


The book begins with a basic introduction to each concept associated with computers, the various languages, and a brief overview about various high-level languages, including a note about Structured Programming. Finally, the introduction concludes with a short summary about the drawing application. While Chapter 2 provides an overview about Visual Basic 2005 Express Edition, Chapter 3 examines the development of a simple welcome application. I was amazed to see how the authors examined the creation of a simple application in a step-by-step manner, illustrated with colorful screenshots.


The remaining tutorials demonstrate the creation of various applications, such as inventory, wage calculator, dental payment, car payment calculator, class average, interest calculator, security panel, shipping time, fund raiser, craps game, flag quiz, student grades, shipping hub, cat and mouse painter, typing, screen scraping, ticket information, address book, check writer, and phone book. The check-writer application will be useful for business people, as they can instantly generate checks for their customers.


I found that although the wage-calculator application is covered in tutorial 7, its enhancement is covered in tutorial 12, which is rather incongruous. Similarly, I wonder why the authors covered the enhancement of the car-payment-calculator application as the final tutorial when the calculator is featured earlier in tutorial 9. From my point of view, the content should be reorganized so readers can learn the concepts in a uniformly progressive manner. I hope the publisher will rectify this in the next edition of the book. The final three tutorials examine the creation of a Web-based bookstore application; this will be of great help for new developers. The authors first provide a basic introduction to Visual Web Developer 2005 Express, then examine the various tiers used for developing the application.


An interesting point to note is that each tutorial includes at the end of each section several self-review questions, a summary, a point-wise skills summary, a glossary of key terms covered in each tutorial with a one-line explanation, GUI Design Guidelines, and a list of important controls, events, properties, and methods. Moreover, the book contains a set of exercises with relevant hints and screenshots at the end of each tutorial.


The book also includes five appendixes and a glossary of important terms, which I m sure will be of great help for students and developers. It will be especially useful for instructors, as they can instantly refer to the specific term while imparting training. I recommend the authors provide in the next edition a tutorial about the creation of an ASP.NET-based knowledge base and help desk application.


I think Simply Visual Basic 2005 is an effective resource for all levels of readers. The book would make especially excellent courseware for computer training centers. Although the price is high, the quality of the content and tutorials is impressive.


Anand Narayanaswamy



Title: Simply Visual Basic 2005, Second Edition

Author: Dr. Harvey M. Deitel and Paul J. Deitel, Deitel & Associates, Inc.

Publisher: Prentice Hall

ISBN: 0-13-243862-3

Web Site:,1144,0132438623,00.html

Price: US$91.00

Page Count: 848



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