SautinSoft Releases HTMLtoRTF Converter 2.5

SautinSoft Releases HTMLtoRTF Converter 2.5

SautinSoft released HTMLtoRTF Converter 2.5, a software utility that takes a Web page (HTML or ASP file) and instantly converts it to an .rtf file that can be used in any word processor. The resulting document looks exactly like the original HTML file (Web page): the tables are unchanged and appear in the correct locations; the alignment remains the same; the font is not altered; and bold, italic, and underlined text remains.

  HTMLtoRTF Converter can convert up to 20 files a second. In addition, the program features command line support for batch conversion. Also, HTMLtoRTF Converter automatically selects encoding and keeps the original hyperlinks.

  Users who prefer saving their documents as .doc files can use HTMLtoRTF Converter, as well. Simply open the converted .rtf file with any word processor and re-save it as a .doc file.

  HTMLtoRTF Converter requires Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP and a minimum 5 MB of free hard disk space for installation. A free demonstration version is available at



Price: US$24

Web Site:


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