Ripcord Software Announces IISxpress 2.1

Ripcord Software Announces IISxpress 2.1

Ripcord Software, a developer of software tools for Microsoft s Internet Information Server (IIS), released IISxpress 2.1. IISxpress is an HTTP compression plug-in for IIS 5, 5.1, 6, and 7. As an extension to IIS, IISxpress compresses all response content, including AJAX, ASP.NET, and ASP-based Web sites.

 HTTP compression is effective in reducing downloaded page size. ASP.NET developers are always wary of the size of viewstate passed to clients; compression mitigates these concerns by compressing the client response data to the smallest possible size for transmission. This is even more compelling for AJAX-based sites because XML-based content can be reduced to up to 10% of its original size.


Key product features include:

  • IISxpress offers real-time compression tracking.
  • Highly configurable rule engine: exclude content by file extension, MIME type, URI, or network address.
  • Intelligent compression: the compression engine tracks previous performance and will avoid compressing content where there will be no significant gain.
  • Platform friendly: if the CPU is busy with other tasks, IISxpress will reduce the priority of the compression tasks to maintain server responsiveness.


Key 2.1 features include:

  • Full support for IIS7 on Windows Vista.
  • Compression cache: previously compressed responses are stored in the compression cache, allowing for fast response times.
  • Processor Workload Model: select CPU cores to use for compression tasks, keeping others free for other duties.


IISxpress is free to use on all Workstation versions of Microsoft Windows, including Vista, XP, and 2000. IISxpress is free for non-commercial and non-government use on all Windows Servers, including 2003 and 2000. Otherwise, IISxpress is US$50 per installed server.


Ripcord Software

Price: US$50

Web Site:


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